Morse Lake is located in northern Hamilton County, Indiana, 20-25 miles north of downtown Indianapolis.  The town of Cicero , with a population of 4000 sits on it's northern shore.  It's southern boundaries are in the 'Harbors' of the city of Noblesville.

Morse lake is formed by Big Cicero and Little Cicero Creeks.

Morse was constructed in 1956 as the 3rd reservoir of water for the city of Indianapolis.  The other two lakes are Geist and Eagle Creek.  Morse offers deeper water than Geist and does not have restrictions on boating, as does Eagle Creek.  However, you'll travel a little to get here .  Driving time from the north side of Indianapolis is about 30 to 45 minutes. 

Morse has 1500 acres of water, 35 miles of shoreline and is 7 miles of navigable water from Little Chicago road in Noblesville to the bridge at state road 19 in Cicero.

Homes occupy 95% of the shoreline of the lake.  Originally thought to be an ideal location for vacation cottages, the area quickly prospered as permanent homes for nearly 25,000 residents.  Homes range in value from less than $200,000 in Cicero to over $1 million in North Harbor, Noblesville. If you're considering a home on the lake, visit the real estate section of our web site. 

Two parks offer free access to the water.  Red Bridge park is located on the west shore at the 236th street (or Jackson street) bridge in Cicero.  This park offers boat slips for rent, a club house, gas for your boat and the Cicero Public Swimming pool.  Unfortunately, you can't swim in the lake or launch your boat here.

Morse Park and Beach is owned by Hamilton County Parks & Recreation Department and is located at the dam on the east side of the lake.  Travel state road 19 north out of Noblesville and head west on 196th street.  The road ends at the park.  During the summer months, supervised swimming in the lake is provided and year-round picnicing is allowed.  Shelters can be rented.  The park is 20 acres in size and offers excellent views of boaters and skiers.  Fishing is excellent along the shore and by the dam. 

Morse lake marina is located on the east side just north of the Carrigan Road Bridge.  This is the only access for boat launch.  It will cost you only to launch your boat.  Getting it out is free, but you'll soon discover the cost to put it in MUST contain the cost to get it out.    Residents have learned that between 11am and 6pm on Saturday and Sunday are best left to visitors on the lake.  Grab a chair and watch the comedy.  They'll disappear just a quickly.  There's nothing like a quiet ride after work on WEDNESDAY.

About 5% of the homes on the northern end of the lake are still cottages.  Most are owned by Indianapolis residents looking for a quick get away.  But, the permanent residents will tell you that there's nothing like coming home from the 'rat race' and relaxing with a nice drink along the cool shores of the lake in the evening.  It's been said to me that you could be a 1000 miles from Indy and not know it...if you didn't already know it.  So, pretend, relax and enjoy being on vacation every evening or every day you want.

This page is provided as an introduction to our community. We'd like to keep it a secret, but it's just too nice to be quiet about. As a matter of fact, over 50% of the residents of our county couldn't tell you where Cicero is or even how to get here!